Private Dining

Private meetings
Are you looking for a luxurious, elegant and attractive location for private dining, a private meeting or a meeting? We are happy to welcome you at Hotel Central & Restaurant Sistermans. We have everything to serve you.

Garden Room & Lounge

Our Garden Room and Lounge are ideally suited to private gatherings, meetings and dinners with a group of friends, family or colleagues. You can retreat here with your select company. Just let us know your wishes. We will be pleased to make you feel at home.

Garden Room

Light, comfortable, stylish and with the perfect ambience. That is what our Garden Room offers This room is suitable for business or private groups of up to 16 people. Ideal for private meetings or dinners with a small group.



Are you looking for a space where you can have a relaxed meeting or dinner with your group? Our lounge is comfortable, luxurious, stylish and elegant. Ideal for private dining or a tasting menu in a private group with enough privacy for 30 people.


The Rosendale

Do you have a larger group or would you like to hold a meeting, dine or stay overnight in a different setting? Then consider the sister company of Hotel Central & Restaurant Sistermans: The Rosendale. This is the place par excellence where everything revolves around connection, located just a few minutes’ walk away, so you are there in no time!